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The aim of the Holmewood Lower School, is to follow a coherent 7–14 curriculum that builds on young people’s experiences in the KS2 curriculum and prepares our youngsters for the challenges and opportunities of secondary education. The goal in KS3 is to help our young people to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

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Key Stage 2

Learning is planned with each individual child’s needs in mind. Half-termly themes and activities are derived from curriculum objectives and focus on academic and skills development.

Core learning is differentiated according to the needs of our pupils. The curriculum is designed through a carefully structured progressive scheme of work which builds on learning year by year. This allows us to break down targets into small and manageable steps to ensure success.

Children often begin each morning and afternoon with an exercise session or some other physical activity. Opportunities for regular exercise and play breaks throughout the day also help to keep the children energised and focused.

Our school multidisciplinary team supports the Primary curriculum with a range of therapy interventions. These are delivered on an individual basis and threaded into the curriculum throughout the day.

Heavy emphasis is placed on our Social Skills programme, which is taught both as a whole class and with a focus on individual targets. This is integrated throughout the school day. It plays a vital role in helping a child to develop friendships, as well as positive interactions and self-image.

The Primary curriculum allows for the generalisation of skills and knowledge, as well as the development of functional skills. Encouraging independence and life skills are central to what we do at THSL. Within the Primary Department, we also have a ‘Transition Class’ for year 7 students who would benefit from an enhanced preparation period for secondary education. In the Transition Class, students begin to be taught by a wider range of subject teachers but retain an overall primary based model.

The curriculum is enhanced through off-site educational visits linked to class topics.

Key Stage 2

Students in KS3 start the day with form time, where they take part in a range of activities throughout the week including exersise, social skills activities, topical discussions and debates, personal projects and preparation for the day ahead, all of which work on a range of key skills.  Form teachers are responsible for co-coordinating these activities and ensuring that all students are happy and ready for their day.

Time at the end of the day is set aside for students to reflect on their day. This is the time to celebrate their successes and address any difficulties that may have arisen.

Students study a rich curriculum which follows the National Curriculum framework. A broad range of academic subjects are offered including: English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, PSHE, Drama, Art/DT, Computing, Music, PE and Life Skills. Inclusive opportunities at other local schools are offered where this is appropriate and relevant to a student’s learning.

Subjects in KS3 are taught by both subject specific teachers (particularly for Science and Computing) and teachers with a wider knowledge base. Unlike the class-based Primary department, students move around the school for different subjects to make their day as similar to a mainstream experience as possible. Students all have access to Chromebooks and these are used throughout the school day to enhance learning.

The KS3 curriculum follows an Independent life skills program which lends itself to a cross-curricular approach. Independent life skills are taught through various channels, including shopping trips to purchase ingredients for food technology, planning public travel arrangements by train, organising class trips to places of interest around London, organising and running charity events and productions for staff and parents, amongst others. The focus is on developing core skills in order that students can operate confidently and successfully in school, college, university, work and life in general. The independent life skills programme also promotes organisational skills, responsibility, self-esteem  and independence, and supports our social skills curriculum.

Students have access to a variety of in-house therapies and these are assessed according to individual needs.

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School type

SEN School

Special needs




Years Old

7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14



Day or boarding

Day school




Art, Computing, Design Technology (DT), Drama, English, Humanities, Life skills, Maths, Music, Physical education (PE), PSHE, Science


Lego, Yoga


Basketball, Board Games, Football



The Holmewood School (Lower School)

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