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London Education — your Private School Admissions Consultants in the UK who advises and helps you find and apply to UK Day or Boarding Private Schools.

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Choose, Apply, Study and Get Paid

We are a private UK company based in London, specialising in admissions to UK private schools. We help you to choose the school and assist with your application. Our advice service is free of charge. Moreover, if you successfully apply to your school via us, it is you who are getting paid up to £1000.00 (T&C).

If you are uncertain which school you would like to attend, we will help you to get started and save your time; as our advice is free, we will save you money as well. Most importantly we will find you the right school and secure your place.

Find your School

Just tell us what you want and what you like. We will then recommend you a list of UK Private Schools better meeting your case. If you already have a school in mind, that’s great! Apply via us and get up to £1000.00!

Apply to your School

If you are happy with the school, the school must be happy with you too. We will advise you how to prepare for the interview and exams, and will explain what documents you need and how to get your student visa.

Study in your School

Once the application process is done, we will inform and advise you all the practicalities, e.g., how to get a guardian, homestay and travelling to the school, as well as how to register with the police and your doctor.

UK Private School Specialist


Our advice is completely free! If you have any question about UK Private Schools, just contact us. You can text us in WhatsApp chat here, and you may email us too. Remember, you will still need to pay for your school fees, for guardianship etc., directly to the relevant service provider.


We help you to understand what exactly you need to do and how to apply to UK Private Schools. We also advise how to prepare all the documents for your school application.


Most UK Day and Boarding Schools can help with student visas. But even if the chosen school does not provide such a service, we have a licensed immigration partner to help you with visas for a reasonable fee.


In most cases, UK Day and Boarding Private Schools perform interviews with prospective applicants. We can organise a Zoom meeting and advise you what to expect and how to do it.


If you want to study in a UK Private School, and you are 18 or under and are from abroad, you are required by law to have a guardian. Some schools may still require guardianship even if you are over 18. We are happy to arrange your guardianship agreement for a fair fee.


Once your documents are sorted out, we will help you to organise your arrival in the UK. One free transfer from any London’s airport to your school will be provided by London Education if you apply to your private school via us.

What is London Education?

We are a UK private limited company, advising, supporting and helping to find and apply to suitable Private Schools in the UK.

What is London Education fee?

Our useful and valuable advice is free! We don’t charge you a penny for this. We work with schools. However, you will need to pay the school fees, and extra services like guardianship, accommodation and transportation.

I already found a school. Do I need you?

Yes! There is great benefit. If you apply to your school via us, you don’t only have our support, you will also get up to £1,000.00 (T&C).

What else London Education can do?

We have a network of sister companies, who can help you with visas, guardians, homestay, and very many other practical matters. Their services might not be free, in this case you will pay them directly.

Are you ready to go with your UK Private School Specialist?

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  • Up to £1k cash back
  • UK local company
Certificate of Representation

London Education

London Education is happy to help with choosing between more than 1000 Private Schools in the UK. We are official representatives of the schools we work with and this is one of our certificates as an example. If you have particular schools in mind, please let us know, and we can check for you.

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UK Guardianship Service

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