UK Guardianship Service Explained

Generally speaking, when you study in a UK Boarding School you are obliged by law to have a UK based guardian. This requires a person to be over 21 years old and a resident of the UK. There are times school may suggest other requirements not necessary or needed by law.

London Education offers the UK Guardianship Service for international pupils who are studying in UK Boarding Schools.

When you apply to a UK Boarding School via London Education we can offer you a free nominal guardianship for the first year subject to terms and conditions.

Sometimes a UK Boarding School may require your guardian to be AEGIS accredited, the cost will be more than guardians from AEGIS agencies need to incur extra cost, including membership fee to AEGIS. While this AEGIS membership is not required by law, there can be advantages. Those ‘profession’ guardians can often have several pupils under their wings, whereas non-AEGIS guardians may give a more personalised service to suit your needs. Whoever you choose, each one will usually have the school’s acceptance. So there is nothing to worry about.

Service Fees

How much does London Education charge relating to guardians?

  • Per year
  • Per year

Service Types

Nominal service covers legal agreement between you and the guardian and the guardian will take care of all planned emails between school and parents with no translation.

Full service covers nominal activities plus translations and non-planned emails and supervising educational process of the child.

If you need us to provide bespoke services, please contact us, and we can explain what options are available and can be delivered by London Education.

Our main goal is to save you time and give you peace of mind; most importantly, it is to do with the best care for the child to the best availability, providing help and support when needed. Such care is vitally important as the child is in a foreign country, far away from their parents, often alone. Various schools and agencies provide guardianships. Our experience is that many clients tend to prefer someone they already know and/or worked with, and have helped the child, rather than a total stranger.

How to apply for UK Guardianship Service?

To get a UK based guardian you can…

Contact Us

We need the child’s passport, parents’ passports, both addresses, emails and phone numbers for parents and child.

We contact school

We will take care of the required agreement between the guardian and the parent(s). We will engage with the school, ensuring that they are fully informed and are on board at all times.

Signing agreements

When we set up the agreement for guardianship, usually drafted and provided by the school, parent(s) will need to sign it.

Well done

The entire process can often take around 3 working days for the document to reach you for signing. Once the school officially confirmed their acceptance of the guardian, we will send you a payment link for the guardianship. And that’s it!