Terms and conditions for receiving the Cash Back of £1000.00

To get a full £1000.00 payment from us, you must comply with the 4 conditions below. If some of them are not met, it is still possible to get a cash back or a discount from us, but less than £1000.00.

1. Your school

The most important condition is that we have a partnership agreement with the chosen school. In the unlikely event that we do not have an active existing agreement with your school, we can approach them to sign one with us, this usually takes not more than one working day.

2. Your representative

You must appoint us as your official representative on the matters of admission to the school. Just let us know by sending email HERE including your name and the chosen school. Then you must apply to the school through our company.

3. Your study

Finally, the student must successfully complete 3 terms of academic year and live in accommodation provided by this particular school.

4. Your payment

When the above conditions are met the cash back of £1000.00 is paid by a bank transfer to a bank account indicated by the parents of the students.
If it so happens that they are not met, it still might be possible to get a cash back, however, of a lower amount.