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We help you to select and choose the best school for you. If you have already selected a school and apply via us, we can pay you up to £1000.00 (T&C).

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How can we help?

If you are looking for a Private School in the UK that suits you, we are happy to find one, and we will not charge you for this service! Just tell us your preferences and your expectations.
We will help you to understand the schools’ admission process and explain what documents you will need to apply. We can also help you and prepare you for exams including school interviews as they are normally required for admission to the school.

Find a school in the UK process

Here is what you need to understand how we will find a school in the UK for you. We have a step-by-step guide below.

Find a school in the UK


Below are frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the questions you want to ask, please contact us in WhatsApp or email.

What schools can you offer?

Most UK Private Schools. They can be Day or Boarding Schools, boys or girls or mixed.

What information do you need?

To find a Private School in the UK, we do need a child’s full name and date of birth, last report from current school and all preferences in order to understand what is the best school for your particular case. All additional relevant information will help.

How quick you can find a school in the UK?

In general, our goal is to make an offer for you during 1-2 working days of your request. In some cases we can do it immediately.

Can I visit the school I like?

Yes. We are happy to arrange your visit to the selected UK Schools. We can also arrange transport and a translator if needed. However, you will need to pay for these related expenses.

I found the school. Do I need you?

If you apply to the UK School via us (London Education) we will pay you up to £1000.00 (T&C).

How will you pay to me?

We can do direct bank transfer if you provide us with your bank details for us to process the payment; alternatively we can deduct it from your 3rd term’s fees.

What is better: A-Levels or IB?

It all depends on what you want to do for your next level of study. In general, if you want to study in the UK — A-Levels, but if you want to study at a university outside the UK, then IB.

Single-gender or co-education?

From the point of view of academic results, in most cases, and especially with girls, some data suggest, single-gender schools are better, but this is not always the case. It is not that simple or easy for your child. We advise the parents to discuss with the child first, then consider what is better in your case overall. Parents usually are the people to know their child best.

School Types

UK Private Schools can be divided into a few categories. To make the right choice, it is always better to understand what options are available and what they mean to you and your child.

Types of schools in the UK

In the UK schools can be largely divided in 2 categories:

  • State schools. These schools are free of charge. But they are only available for UK residents. The best state schools from year 7 are called  grammar schools. There are various types in this category.
  • Private Schools. They are independent schools or so-called Public Schools. Public Schools in the UK mean Private Schools but only in context with children from 8 to 13 years old. All Private Schools in the UK are fee-paying schools. There are Day Schools and Boarding Schools in this category.

Boarding Schools in the UK

There are 3 types of boarding available in the UK Private Schools. If the school does not have a boarding facility, then it is called a Day school.

  • Weekly boarding — during the week the child lives in the school and during weekends, the child stays at home.
  • Full boarding — the child actually lives in the school during term time and only goes home during holidays.
  • Flexi boarding — usually you can choose when your child stays at the school and when at home.
Education stages in UK Private Schools

There are 3 types of Private Schools, dividing by age of the child. Please bear in mind that we include only England and only Private Schools. For Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and state schools, they are different.

  • Pre-preparatory schools
    • 3 to 4 years old — KS (key stages) “Early Years”
    • 4 to 5 years old — KS (key stages) “Early Years”
    • 5 to 6 years old — KS-1 Year 1
    • 6 to 7 years old — KS-1 Year 2
    • 7 to 8 years old — KS-2 Year 3
  • Preparatory or Junior schools
    • 8 to 9 years old — KS-2 Year 4
    • 9 to 10 years old — KS-2 Year 5
    • 10 to 11 years old — KS-2 Year 6
    • 11 to 12 years old — KS-3 Year 7
    • 12 to 13 years old — KS-3 Year 8
  • Senior schools
    • 13 to 14 years old — KS-3 Year 9
    • 14 to 15 years old — KS-4 Year 10
    • 15 to 16 years old — KS-4 Year 11 GCSE
    • 16 to 17 years old — KS-5 Year 12
    • 17 to 18 years old — KS-5 Year 13 A-Levels

In the UK, schools usually have 3 terms per academic year.

International or local

It depends on what is best for the children, especially in terms of schoolmates and friends.

  • Local schools. These are schools where most of the pupils are local and there is a small proportion of international students. This can be helpful for you if the child is open to integration into the local community.
  • International schools. These schools have pupils mostly from outside the UK, often from wealthy families. Friendships established with schoolmates can have global flavour and impact. (This is not to be confused with American Schools, Japanese, Russian or Chinese Schools in the UK.)
School location

This depends on your needs, preference and availability. Whether you prefer London or in the country, there are always pros and cons. For example, in London your child can have a very busy life; while in small villages, or even in a forest, life can be quiet, secluded, even resembling a fairy tale setting. Troubled children who are easily distracted from their studies, may need a location far away from busy cities and temptations.

Religious Schools

Our advice is to assess the school educational output first, then clarify religious subjects with the particular school. The only exception can be if you are religious, and/or you are planning religious education for your child in the future.

A-Levels or IB schools

If you are planning to study in UK universities after your school, then you are advised to take A-Levels. If you are not sure about your further educational path, then IB can be a better option. The choice is entirely yours.

The main difference between them is that A-Levels are more focused on specific subjects, and you can often choose only 3 (minimum) subjects and spend all your time on these limited subjects, therefore can have a much better chance to get the grades needed for your preferred university. Whereas for IB, you need to take care of 5-6 subjects usually, spreading your attention, time and effort. This can indeed be significant for your education path and career.

Consider carefully before making decision.

UK School Rankings

A very common mistake is only to look at school rankings. Why? The school education is not an item you buy on Amazon, and various criteria in the ranking assessment may or may not have any tangible substantial significance to the learning and development of the child of particular background and under particular circumstances. The most important element in the education process is the child. Further, apart from school results, there is day-to-day life; and let’s not forget, your child must be happy, especially at boarding schools, to enjoy learning and life.

University destinations

Most of the schools in the UK have statistics in terms of what universities their students applied to, and most important, had a placement. This can show how good this particular school help prospective students to choose the right universities for them, and prepare their UKAS application.

You can see more about Oxbridge applications in the set of sessions HERE.

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