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For adults and children

English Courses in London

London Education

We are an official partner of schools and universities in London. English courses in London for adults and children are one of our main areas of focus. We tailor courses to suit your specific requirements and budget. Our services for the selection and design of courses are free for you.

For adults

We are glad to offer you English courses in London for adults. If you are 18 or older, then this program is perfect for you. Courses include schooling in central London and living in campus en-suite rooms.

Accommodation – £250.00 per week

The campus is located in a very safe, residential area of London, two minutes from the Caledonian Road tube. On a street with shops, cafés and restaurants. There are several parks nearby, and in the residence itself, there is a park for bicycles.

You can bring guests to your place until 22:00 or with an overnight stay, no more than 4 nights a month and only from Thursday to Sunday.

Языковые курсы английского в Лондоне — Комната на кампусе


Each room has:

  • Bed with linens
  • Study table
  • Wi-Fi
  • Toilet
  • Shower

The rooms are all renovated and meet modern standards.

There are no towels in the room. You need to bring your own.

Языковые курсы английского в Лондоне — Кухня на кампусе


The campus has its own kitchen, with a stove, refrigerator and a small seating area.

The kitchen has a toaster, kettle and even an oven.

The food is completely yours. You buy and cook yourself. The cost of services does not include meals.

Языковые курсы английского в Лондоне — Комната отдыха

Sitting room

There is also a sitting room on the campus with a TV, comfortable sofas and a billiard table.

Address of the Campus

 Piccadilly Court

457-463 Caledonian Road

London N7 9BJ 

From the campus to school takes no more than half an hour door-to-door by public transport.

Языковые курсы английского в Лондоне — Карта маршрута из кампуса до школы

School address

Stafford House London

2 Southampton Place

London WC1A 2DA

The school is located almost in the very centre of London. Historical, classic English beautiful building. Inside the school there are all the amenities for a comfortable study.

Please note that the school closes for Christmas and New Year holidays from December 27th to January 3rd, 2021.

Tuition fees

General English

The minimum starting level is zero

15 hours
19 hours
23 hours
15 hours
1 – 3 weeks£315.00£355.00£395.00£265.00
4 – 11 weeks£305.00£345.00£385.00£255.00
12 – 23 weeks£285.00£305.00£345.00£240.00
24 – 35 weeks£245.00£270.00£295.00£205.00
36+ weeks£235.00£255.00£285.00£195.00
The cost is indicated per week. Hours are per week. The cost includes lessons only.

IELTS, Cambridge Exam or Business English

Starting level — Intermediate

19 hours
23 hours
1 – 3 weeks£355.00£395.00
4 – 11 weeks£345.00£385.00
12 – 23 weeks£305.00£345.00
24 – 35 weeks£270.00£295.00
36+ weeks£255.00£285.00
The cost is indicated per week. Hours are per week. The cost includes lessons only.

Additionally, must be paid:

  • Registration for the course £50.00
  • Campus Registration £70.00
  • Study materials – table below
1 – 12 weeks£50.00
13 – 24 weeks£100.00
25 – 36 weeks£150.00
37+ weeks£200.00
You must have your own laptop or tablet as all supportive materials are online only

The prices indicated on this page do not include such expenses as:

  • Food
  • Towels
  • Exam prices
  • Travel from campus to school
  • Airport transfers
  • Insurance

Calculation example

Course duration – 4 weeks

  • Accommodation £250.00 x 4 = £1000.00
  • Training 15 hours per week “General English” £305.00 x 4 = £1220.00
  • Registration for the course £50.00
  • Campus Registration £70.00
  • Study Materials £50.00

So, English courses in London for 4 weeks will cost £2390.00 or £597.50 per week.

Until 31.08.2021 there is a 25% discount for orders of 4 weeks or more, which makes the final price £2085.00.

If you need quarantine, then for the first week you pay only £250.00 accommodation, and you are given access to online training materials for free.

Registration and payment

We will need a photocopy of your passport. After, we will send you an invoice for payment. You can pay by credit card or bank transfer.

Please note that we do not deal with visa processing, but our partners do. If you need help, let us know. The charge for the visa service is £600.00.

After the money is received in the school’s bank account, we will send you a Letter of Acceptance, with which you can apply for your visa.

Check-in and check-out

Arrivals to school on Sundays after 14:00, but it is possible on Saturday on request. Departures from school are strictly on Saturdays, no later than 09:00.

There is always a school employee on campus.

On campus, you can do your quarantine, since all rooms are completely isolated.

On the first Monday after arrival, classes begin at 08:30 and on all subsequent days from 09:00.

For kids

Due to the Coronavirus, the English courses in London for children in 2021 are only possible with a homestay. The children’s campuses will re-open in 2022, and we are already accepting applications for on-campus studies in London.

Please note that this page lists English courses in London only. Outside London, courses are available HERE.

English courses in London

In London, we work with several language schools. The two main ones are Skola and Burlington School. Please note that we do not charge you any additional payments for registration for English courses in London. You pay directly to schools at the prices that are listed on the schools’ websites. For helping you, schools pay us a commission.

English courses in London from Skola only have a homestay option and is often suited to London locals, while Burlington School has a residential option. We emphasise that we are not limited to these two schools in London, but we recommend them to you based on our positive experience.

English courses for children

English courses in London for children are your starting investment in your child’s education, especially if you are planning to enrol in schools in England and link your child’s future with education abroad.

But not only that. Even if a child comes to London for a few weeks, he or she will get an incomparable experience of communication with children from all over the planet, and get acquainted with one of the best, and in our opinion, the best city on the planet.

English courses in London will differ in the language itself, since it is in London that real, correct and lively English is concentrated.

In addition to the language itself, it is in London that amazing museums are collected.

Child’s starting level of language

Even if the child does not know a single word of English, even if the child is afraid, or it is difficult for him or her to make contact with other children and teachers, all this is not an obstacle to learning English in London.

You may be surprised, but even with zero English and no your language-speaking staff in London schools, your child will have no problems learning the language. Programs designed just for zero English. And you will be even more surprised when the child speaks English in a week.

When a child enters an English-speaking environment, the child realises the ability to learn a language superfast. And believe us, your child is not the only one in this regard, and teachers on a daily basis help to start learning the language from the zero level. They do it professionally and successfully.

Parental fear

If you are panicky for your child, then English courses in London will be acceptable for you if you travel with your child yourself. By the way, we can organise a language course for you in this case. There are schools with programs for children and their parents.

If the fear is moderate, keep in mind that London is not Zimbabwe and that England is the safest environment in the world to educate children. It happened historically. Children in England are protected and guarded like nowhere else. Schools, in order to accept a child for training, need to go through a very complicated process to obtain all the necessary licences.

London is the only city in the world where people speak 307 languages. And if a child, or you need urgent help in your language, then you will receive it even faster than in your home city.

Agent selection

Many of you still prefer to buy English courses in London from your local agencies in your cities. This is a normal practice, but we want to note several of our advantages as a British company.

  • Located in London, we are as close as possible to the schools where your child will study
  • Due to the same proximity to schools, we visit them more often. We are closer to them mentally, which gives us the opportunity to convey insider information to you
  • Our consulting services and assistance in applying for English courses in London are absolutely free for you
  • All payments you make directly to schools, and often we get discounts from schools for English courses in London for you
  • If you are planning further steps in education in the UK, then we help with admission to educational schools and universities
  • We also have the opportunity to help you with absolutely any question in London.
Choosing a school

English courses in London differ mainly:

  • Accommodation – in the family or on the school campus
  • Geographic location
  • Cost

These are the most important parameters. Oddly enough, there are not so many schools with campuses in London. Mostly schools offer homestay accommodation.

The location of schools is usually near parks and in good local areas of London.

The cost can range from £600.00 to £2000.00 per week, for example with private lessons.

Course program

In almost all schools, the first thing the school will do is assess the level of the child’s language. Note again that if it is zero, there are no problems.

After assessing the level, an appropriate learning plan is selected for the child, and then the child is added to a group with the same language level.

Often, English courses in London start at 15 hours a week. This is 3 hours a day from 09:00. 4 lessons of 45 minutes each.

The child is provided with all the necessary materials for study, including manuals and notebooks. As a rule, they give homework, but do not overwhelm the child.

Cultural program

English courses in London cannot be held without excursions, museums and musicals.

The most common:

  • Natural History Museum
  • Science Museum
  • Tower of London
  • Harry Potter Studio
  • Day out in Oxford or Cambridge
  • The Lion King Musical

The cultural program in London is carried out during the week after lunch, and all outbound tours take place on Saturdays.

Please, if you are interested in English courses in London for children or adults, fill out the application form below, and we will immediately contact you.

Application form

Flat number, House number, Street name
A postal code (also known locally in various English-speaking countries throughout the world as a postcode, post code, PIN or ZIP Code) is a series of letters or digits or both, sometimes including spaces or punctuation, included in a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail.
Please use international format, which starts with "+"
For example, additional time to understand the materials, or dyslexia.
If something happened to you, or we cannot reach you over the phone, who is the person to contact to?
For example, father or brother or friend
Please, select the preferable location where you would like to study.
Please, have a look for available flights and try to guess when you will arrive in to the UK.
Check in, normally, is on Sundays after 14:00. Our courses all start every Monday.
The minimum is one week
Check out dates are always Saturdays before 09:00.
*Minimum Level: Intermediate, and **Minimum Level: Upper Intermediate
Estimate if you do not know.
It cost £8.00 per week. If you need it, we will add the insurance to your invoice.