Applying to Schools in the UK
with London Education

We can advise and help you through all the steps towards your dream school when needed. Applying to schools in the UK with London Education can get you up to £1000.00 cash back (T&C).

Apply to UK Boarding School

Applying to Schools in the UK

There are more than 700 Boarding Schools in the UK and there are more than 100,000 pupils currently in these schools from all around the world. You can become one of them.

London Education can help you to apply to UK Boarding and Day Schools and assist you throughout the entire application process, including all the key steps. Our advice is completely free of charge. In addition, you can get up to £1000.00 as a cash back on the tuition fees.

How to apply?

Applying to schools in the UK is a very well-established process. You may just start here, and with our help, it gets much easier. For the advice and services that we provide please click here.

If you do not need our advice and services but still apply via us, we will pay you up to £1000.00 (T&C).

Please have a look at the application steps and the FAQ below. If you have any additional questions, please do let us know. We are here to help 24/7 and our advice is free of charge.

The application process can take up to 5 days in most of the cases and there are steps below for you to go through. You need to know what school you are going to apply for, and exactly why you want that particular school. If you don’t, contact us, and we can advise.

Please be aware that all documents must be in English and if you need, we can arrange one of our partner organisations to translate your documents into English for a reasonable fee.

Step-by-step guide

Applying to schools in the UK can take up to a week or longer; and if you need a visa, add approximately 8 weeks.

Initial request for a place

We will ask the school if there is a place for your child for the dates you would like to enter the school. For this step, we only need the child’s passport scan and the latest current school report. The school will normally reply within a working day or so in term time. If there is no place available, we will seek alternative dates for you.

Registration of application

If there is a place, we then need to fill in the school registration form. This can be complicated and laborious. We will do it for you, but you’ll need to fill out our form below. Please include the child’s latest school report. If additional information is needed as each individual case can be different, we will contact you.
You will need to pay a registration fee to the school. This is normally around £170.00 and is non-refundable. If you prefer to pay via us, that can be arranged.

First application assessment

If your current school report matches the entrance requirements, then we go to the next step. If the school decides that you need to sit an exam then we can organise it for you.
We are an authorised agency to perform exams, and we can agree the exam date and time. Our experience shows that children tend to perform better when doing the exams with us, as the immediate pressure from the school is mitigated. This is one of the many advantages of applying through our company.

Zoom interview

The next step is to arrange your interview with the chosen school. We will prepare you for that and explain what will be the likely questions and what you would be expected to answer. We can also be involved in and be present at the interview to support the child. This can include, and not limited to, speaking during the interview to help the child. We will always put the interest of the child first.

Offer from the school

If you do not need a visa, then please skip this section and the visa steps. Otherwise, once all entry conditions are met, the school will issue a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS-number). This is a key point as the school formally confirms its sponsorship to back your visa application, without which, you will be unable to obtain a suitable visa.


The usual practice for schools is a one-term payment in advance plus a deposit. These payments can be variable from school to school. But please be aware that once you have signed a contract with the school, you are obliged to pay as stated. The payments are done directly to the schools, not to us.


If you need a visa, then you need to apply for that. You can do it yourself or ask for help of accredited visa agencies. If you don’t have one, we can find one for you. They usually charge a reasonable fee. We do not act as a visa agency.


Then your study starts! The above is what applying to schools in the UK looks like.

Applying to schools in the UK

If you just have some preliminary questions, please just chat with us!

Or just fill the form below


Who can apply to UK Private Schools?

In general, anyone can, there are no restrictions on who can come to study in the UK’s Private Schools.

What is the minimum age to study in the UK?

You need to be at least 7 years old to come from abroad to study in a UK Boarding School.

I can’t speak English. Can I still apply?

Certainly, YES, you can! Most of the schools offer extra English programmes, and we can arrange a tutor for you and/or summer schools to improve your English.

When do I need to apply?

It is always better to apply as soon as you can, but even if you are late, contact us, and we will do our best to help you.

How much does it cost to apply?

You pay directly to the school a registration fee which is around £170.00.

Why you do not charge us?

Because we work directly with UK Private Schools.

Why you offer me up to £1000.00?

Because we strive to be better than most of the education agencies and advisers! We care about you; your interest comes first (T&C).

How long does the application process take?

School application usually takes up to 5 days. Then, visa needs 8 weeks or so.